Final Blog Post for CT101

          In CT101 I learned many new skills, the most important skill was learning how to blog. The first assignment was to blog about something that makes you happy on the internet. This assignment was the one that initially got me into the habit of blogging and one I’m also exceptionally proud of. After this, I moved on to acquire more skills to better improve my blog posts. For instance, I didn’t know how to create a gif but little did I know, this was actually a relatively easy thing to do. Learning how to create a gif, enabled me to easily improve the quality of my blogging since I was now able to add more context to my posts. Here is one I created for my first assignment:

          After getting the hang of blogging with gifs we then moved onto the next project, the animated gif portrait. Creating the animated gif portrait, was a little more difficult but I still managed to create a really nice one on the first try. However, I felt that I needed more practice so I tried a second one that also came out nice! This project as a whole was a bit more challenging but I still enjoyed the experience of learning and mastering this new skill! This is the first one I created: 

          After some time, we finally learned how to create websites! I found this to be the most exciting since I would finally have my own platform to creatively express myself and individuality. Customizing my website was a really fun experience for me as well since I was able to cater my website to my own personal style and taste. You can find my website here. In the midst of all this, we also learned how to create vaporwave! Even though it took me two classes to complete this, I was really pleased with how mine turned out. This project turned out to be my favorite one as I really loved the overall aesthetic of this assignment!

           After doing the vaporwave assignment, I continued to experiment and build up my website to what it is now, which I’m pretty happy about. I feel as though my website has become my own personal space and feel more than comfortable using it to freely express my thoughts and emotions through this blogging experience. Reflecting on what I learned in this class, I really enjoyed my time here as I feel it definitely brought out my creative side. On another note, having a website and being able to maintain one can definitely be applied to the real world as well, so that is something I’ll have to remember for the future!

           For this class, I want to believe I earned an A. I think my website, blogging, and assignments reflect the quality of my work since I put my best effort into everything I did. Along with this, I hope this effort will be recognized since this would be a great boost for me starting in the CT major. Aside from this, I would like to thank Professor Seslow for guiding me through CT101. I really benefited from his knowledge throughout the semester and appreciated his insight. My time in CT101 has truly been the best and with this experience, I’m happy with the fact that I chose CT as my major. 

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